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UGA Wins National Championship Game
After 41 Year Drought


By Don Stone - Georgia Football Magazine and Football Atlanta

  A little perspective on the Georgia Bulldogs' win last night. I was telling this story to Georgia's Buck Belue in the UGA press box a few years ago. The last time the Dawgs won a National Championship was on New Year's Day of 1981 to cap an undefeated 1980 season in a 17-10 win over Notre Dame in New Orleans.
   Of course, Buck was the quarterback.

   It was a few days after my father, James Stone, had died. I had driven from Atlanta and was in St. Louis waiting to attend his funeral. I sat by myself in my mom's living room watching the game but couldn't allow myself to cheer or celebrate or even show enjoyment for the game ot of respect for her and my grieving.

   It was still a year before I would begin my 38 year marriage to my late wife, Valerie.

   This time, I celebrated as a cap on an incredible local sports year that also saw the Atlanta Braves win a World Series for the first time in 26 years. Both the Braves and Bulldogs won their championships by defeating the reigning champions in the Dodgers and Crimson Tide.
   I enjoyed every minute of both seasons...Savoring the feeling.